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Do you wish to cultivate seaweed?

Seaweed farming is a new industry. The value chain is in an experimental phase and there are obstacles and bottlenecks to be solved.

The Seaweed Cluster work in different focus group to prioritize bottlenecks and to solve the different issues that the kelp farmers experience in their companies. There are no “how to do it” book or best practices yet. Companies and institutions are invited to join the cluster to participate in our meetings, share experiences and learn from others.

The first step to start a seaweed farming business is to learn about the industry; biology, technology, logistics, markets etc. and to develop a business plan. Next is to apply for a license from the authorities.

We recommend concentrating on quality and establishing a sustainable industry with focus on the three P’s – People –Planet – Profit. (It is important that you read the section of Quality and foodsafety.)  

We have collected some links that will give you information where to start when you want to cultivate kelp.

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