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About us -

Norwegian Seaweed Association - for growers, harvesters and producers of macroalgae in Norway

Norwegian Seaweed Association (NSA) was established in March 2021 by merging two Norwegian seaweed networks. From 2010 different organisations have been working to mobilize a new marine industry based on marine algae. NSA has invited others stakeholders among R&D, suppliers and customers, investors and public funders to form a cluster to strengthen the seaweed industry development.

Our objectives include


Exchange knowledge and experience from seaweed farming and production as a viable industry in Norway. Promote common interests to public authorities. Formulate demanding issues for further research.

Streamline production

Professionalize cultivation and industry to become internationally competitive. Create product standards for the seaweed industry.

Branding and markets

Identify and explore national and international markets for seaweed products. Implement a common brand for Seaweed from Norway.


Seaweed recycle nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon dioxide from the sea, provide habitats for other organisms and is a source to vegetative food and feed. NSA aims to valorize the contribution to the ecosystem.

The board of the Norwegian Seaweed Association

Gunnar Skjellvik

Chairman of the board

Leonore Olsen

Board member

Runar Trellevik

Deputy member

Maren Säter

Deputy head

Petter Marius Synnes

Board member

Torben Marstrand

Board member

Runar Trellevik

Deputy member

Membership benefits

Knowledge and Compentece

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Focus Groups

  • Study trips

  • Exchange of experience


  • Common development projects

  • Partnership in research projects on behalf of the members

  • Sharing of results from R&D projects

Status and Reputation

  • Consultative body for public authorities

  • Representation in important arenas


  • Access to documentation and templates for farming protocols, digital tracking, contingency plan and courses, and recorded meetings and speeches

Membership requirements

Companies for the purpose of farming, small scale harvesting, production and/or providing seaweed can apply for membership. Membership requires buying a share in the Association and a yearly fee.

Become a member

Want to become a member? Get access to content and events just for members. Contact us to request membership.

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