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Become a member

Companies with activities in cultivation, small-scale harvesting, production and/or delivery of macroalgae can apply for membership.

Membership requires the purchase of a share in NSA and an annual fee.

Knowledge and competence

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Focus groups

  • Study trips

  • Exchange of experiences


  • Access to documentation and templates for farming protocols, digital tracking, emergency plan

  • Courses and meetings

  • Academic articles and presentations

Research and Development

  • Joint development projects

  • Partnership in research project

  • Sharing of results from R&D projects

Status, recognition and market access

  • Advisory body for public authorities

  • Representation at fairs and other important arenas both at nationally and abroad

What our members say about us

Rolf Zimmermann, Lerøy Ocean Harvest

"NSA conducts market research at industry level and creates arenas where the industry can share knowledge about technology, biology, regulations, regulatory challenges and trends in the kelp industry nationally, regionally and globally. Sharing knowledge and learning together results in a faster development of kelp - the industry than if all the companies had to reinvent the wheel individually."

Take a closer look at one of our members: Seaweed Solutions 

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