Norwegian Seaweed Cluster

To develop a robust and effective Innovation Ecosystem for the seaweed industry, NSA invited R&D, customers and suppliers, investors, and public funders to form Seaweed Cluster for the industry. The cluster has around 70 partners and is funded by Innovation Norge and member fees.

Focus areas


  • Common branding: Seaweed from Norway
  • Exhibitions in Europe
  • Market insight, priority

Product development and quality

  • Guidelines for product development
  • Food safety
  • Updating laws and regulations

Production technology

  • Effective seedling production
  • Farming infrastructure
  • Harvesting and preprocessing
  • Processing units; drying, freezing, fermenting, blanching


  • Monitoring ecosystem influence in seaweed farms
  • Valorization of ecosystem services
  • Regenerative aquaculture
  • Sustainability strategies


  • Common branding for Norwegian Seaweed for food. NSA (IN)
  • Digitization and tracking of documentation. NSA (IN)
  • Monitoring seaweed farms. Tango Seaweed/Nord university
  • Macroalgae Initium. Val FoU (Erasmus+)
  • Enmac - Ensiled Cultivated Macroalgae as a Sustainable Ruminant Feedstuff. Nord university (RFF NN)
  • Production of gametophytes for seedling. Ocean Forest (IPN)
  • Cuvie (Laminaria hyperborea) for feed to sheep. NIBIO (MABIT)
  • SEAWEED PILOT – Regulations and Management. Akvahub (NORA)
  • Safe Kelp - Safe kelp for food and feed – controlling the transfer of iodine and arsenic through the value chain. NMBU (NFR)
  • SusKelpFood - Sustainable ingredients from cultivated kelp to the food industry. Møreforsking (NFR)

Norwegian Seaweed Cluster

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