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  • Common branding for Norwegian Seaweed for food. NSA (IN)

  • Digitization and tracking of documentation. NSA (IN)

  • Monitoring seaweed farms. Tango Seaweed/Nord university

  • Macroalgae Initium. Val FoU (Erasmus+)

  • Enmac - Ensiled Cultivated Macroalgae as a Sustainable Ruminant Feedstuff. Nord university (RFF NN)

  • Production of gametophytes for seedling. Ocean Forest (IPN)

  • Cuvie (Laminaria hyperborea) for feed to sheep. NIBIO (MABIT)

  • SEAWEED PILOT – Regulations and Management. Akvahub (NORA)

  • Safe Kelp - Safe kelp for food and feed – controlling the transfer of iodine and arsenic through the value chain. NMBU (NFR)

  • SusKelpFood - Sustainable ingredients from cultivated kelp to the food industry. Møreforsking (NFR)

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